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New on 500px : Wizards Spell by eyeofalens by eyeofalens

Wizards Spell

The magician cast a spell on me to return.

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New on 500px : The Cove by BryanSwan by BryanSwan

This is a spot I’ve wanted to shoot for years and years, but just never got around to due to the long drive down from Seattle. So my trip to the Redwoods last month was the perfect opportunity to check it out, and it was just about everything I had hoped for (flowers would have been nice though…and maybe some light pouring through the second arch that you can’t really see where the waves were coming through into the cove from).

What I didn’t realize though was how sketchy this perspective is to get to. The bootpath that goes down to the top of the Natural Bridges is really steep, and I slipped and ate it once on the way down (fortunately didn’t slide and not in an exposed area), but this spot required shimmying out on a maybe 18-inch wide shelf, after swinging around a tree, all directly above a nearly sheer 150-foot tall cliff that drops straight onto the boulders in the surf below. I’ll definitely do it again too.

If you squint really hard, you can barely make out a couple pixels worth of Trevor Anderson on top of the arch in the middle of the frame too.

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New on 500px : Rush to Twilight by KurtBudliger by KurtBudliger

New on 500px : Cosmic Portal by fzaidi by fzaidi

Cosmic Portal

Catching a sunset through the keyhole arch at Pfeiffer Beach requires some patience. There are only two months in an year where it can be done and then you have to compete with hundreds of other enthusiastic photographers for real estate, especially on the weekends. However, catching a moon set through the keyhole arch is even harder, since there are only a few days in an year when it is possible. Even harder is catching it with the milky way in the right position as the window of time is so limited. Adding factors like fog and other weather uncertainties, it really requires perseverance. Ever since Michael Shainblum’s ‘Temple of Moonlight’ was published, I was inspired to have my own stab at it. But at that time I hadn’t even seen a milky way, nevermind shooting one above the famous sea stack while the crescent moon set through the arch. However, a few months of research, practice and Escaype service and I was able to be luck enough to capture it.

Clear sky forecast by Escaype

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New on 500px : Sea-Foam by cwexplorationphotography by cwexplorationphotography

Here’s a new one from Second Beach, WA! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Second Beach, WA

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New on 500px : La Push, Second Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington by xrhode by xrhode

…tide pool reflections from Second Beach at La Push, Washington in Olympic National Park. Solstice

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New on 500px : A Red Hot Dyrhólaey, Iceland by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng


Yup! One of the most photographed cliff on the South coast of Iceland. Hard to miss when your’e on your way to the famous glacier lagoon. Exactly 174km, 2hr and 18min coming from Reykjavik. Coordinates 63°24’05.3″N 19°07’51.6”W near the town of Vik.

You get stunning views of the south coast plus overlooking Reynisfjara beach. Vik Town is a popular stop between Reykjavik and Jokulsarlon, so if you want to break your trip, spend a couple of nights there. A lot of well known-picturesque spots nearby. Just to name a few, the Reynisfjara Beach and Reynisdrangar (10mins. away), two waterfalls the Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss (less than an hour away).

Came here for sunset, literally chased the light. Running from one edge towards another. First, took a couple facing the sun for an awesome sunstar, then ran towards the back of the lighthouse facing west, took a couple. Then ran again back to the car, drove down to a lower vantage point for a shot with the peculiar sea-stack facing the Reynisfjara beach.

My most favorite shot from that day was taken at the back of the lighthouse. Loving how the burning sun lit up this massive 120-metre high promontory arc. Can you spot the brave ones? Feel free to share!

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