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New on 500px : Dark Seal by RyanBuchanan by RyanBuchanan

The Oregon coastline just after sunset. Seal Rock, where the compositions change by the minute with the rising and falling tide, revealing interesting formations like this one. So many options to choose from. Longer 4 second exposure here and obviously other shots for the birds. Thanks for the likes and comments. Please follow me on Instagram @exposurescape

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New on 500px : Fire On High by RyanBuchanan by RyanBuchanan

Here, alone in the Mesquite Sand Dunes of Death Valley, the sunset looked bleak. Totally blank skies except for a very thin layer of clouds above the mountain line off in the distance. As my only option, I pulled out the 70-200mm lens to frame these 3 nice dunes in hopes the clouds would get some color. Luckily that small strip of clouds engulfed in flames casting some nice light on my zoomed in scene. Honestly, the sky of the raw file looks incredibly close to this final, so it was tough to tame the intensity of the colors. All in all, nothing special here, just a simple, soft scene with an almost abstract look. Thanks for viewing. For more, please visit my website at exposurescape.com and please follow me @exposurescape on Instagram.

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New on 500px : Desert Gold by RyanBuchanan by RyanBuchanan

Desert, yucca, cacti, buzzards… Yes, we are back in Texas! And for this crisp sunrise, I was back in pano-mode with a 5-stitcher of a location in Big Bend National Park called Balanced Rock. Here, the sun has to rise above the distant mountain range so once the light breaks, it’s immediately harsh especially on all these rock faces. A slight distant haze helped diffuse the sunlight but I still found it very difficult to get the colors and tones where I liked them. Appreciate the feedback and follows. Instagram: @exposurescape

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New on 500px : Rowena by RyanBuchanan by RyanBuchanan

Sunrise: Rowena Crest in full bloom — No wind: Check. No rain: Check. Massive dark cloud slicing down the middle of the fame: CHECK! Not the best for the comp and cut off from any direct light but still tried to make something work here… This was my first trip up to Oregon for a fun week of shooting thanks to an invite from my pal, Miles Morgan. And so our Rowena shoot was the kickoff point on our 1,600+ mile journey around the entire state searching for some good conditions… Although our efforts were largely unrewarded in the light department, I got the royal Oregon tour and had a blast with a good friend.

For this image, I stack focused 6 shots for sharpness throughout. With the direct warm light blocked, I found it more difficult to keep those color tones in check, especially with the cooler foreground. Even still, the intense color of the sky against those yellow flowers was hard to balance.

Thanks for looking and I appreciate your likes and comments.
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New on 500px : Hanalei by RyanBuchanan

Hanalei Bay—one of our favorite places to stay in northern Kauai, Hawaii. Such a peaceful place with some jaw-dropping landscapes. This was one of the evenings we watched the sunset from the popular pier and caught some nice light and clouds. Even a couple enjoying the moment on the pier.

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New on 500px : Born Again by RyanBuchanan

Without any new images to work on I had to dive back into the Iceland stockpile again and have some fun with a shot I took back in June 2014. This was taken in the small town of Vik. Shot this on a cloudy day. This image is a composite—the way I envisioned it prior to that evening. Just having a little fun and needed to brush up. Thanks for looking.

Check out my drone video from Iceland here:

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New on 500px : Battle Born by RyanBuchanan

Logan Pass has always been a battleground. Over thousands of years, glaciers have carved out some of the most magnificent mountain peaks in North America. With relentless winters that allow for only a small window for life, survival here is tough. And this year even more so—drought conditions, forest fires, a nearly non-existent water flow, even the flowers were, for the most part, long gone all due to the lack of snowfall this past winter. Even in such harsh conditions, it’s amazing how life still perseveres.

This evening, on our second trip up to Logan Pass, we were rewarded with interesting cloud cover mixed with a smokey haze from the fires—resulting in some interesting light. I’ve always wanted to capture Clements Mountain with it’s unique, castle-like appearance and this was my chance! My daunting search to find a foreground began… I finally came across this lonely patch of flowers that was somehow still in full bloom.

My goal was to create depth in the scene by getting extremely close to the flowers, making them appear as large as possible. I positioned the angle of the camera to where the flowers would lead the eye up through the mid-ground to the mountain. So, with a few passers-by wondering what the hell I was doing with my face and camera buried in this cluster, I took a few series of shots of the foreground at 7 different focal points which I was able to blend in photoshop for sharpness throughout. The light was more intense at this point, allowing me to keep the shutter fast enough to freeze any flower movement. Then I waited a little longer for the right sky light to set in. The clouds made for some great patterns coming out from behind the mountain as the hazy glow intensified. The lens distortion at the top of the frame helped lengthen the mountain and cloud lines.

Thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments.

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