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New on 500px : Millions of stars by Escap by Escap

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New on 500px : tree VIII by abigador by abigador

New on 500px : I love the sea by omer429 by omer429

Palmachim Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in . It is bounded by some low cliffs to the south and boasts some great views of Tel Aviv to the north. Like most Israeli Mediterranean beaches it can be a great location for photography especially into the setting sun.


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New on 500px : There is peace even in the storm by omer429 by omer429

‘There is peace even in the storm”
― Vincent van Gogh,
from Achziv Beach in israel
Nikon D3100 ND filter 400

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New on 500px : E c l i p s e by MetinAkgul by MetinAkgul

Saltlake, Tuzgölü, Ankara, Turkey

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