New on 500px : Odyssey by Pcoskun by Pcoskun

Sunset over Saint Mary Lake in Glacier National Park. It was rather windy this evening, so windy that I along with my tripod almost blew off the top of this ridge as I made my way to the “summit”. You couldn’t hear anything but the wind, I could have had someone yelling in my ear and I probably wouldn’t have heard it. Just as the sun finally began to rest behind the mountains, the wind died down just enough to keep my tripod stable for multiple exposures. These trees were quite interesting. I had seen some of them before near the famous wild goose island overlook, but I was tipped off of an even better location with plenty more of them. These trees have one of the best views anywhere, and I am jealous of all the sunsets and sunrises they have been graced with along with I’m sure numerous encounters with bears and moose among other wildlife. This was one of those very special days for me, I was in such a gorgeous place (my favorite park by the way) and everything just seemed to fall into place. Prior to exploring this area, my girlfriend and I spent nearly an hour with a photogenic grizzly bear that was visible from the road. It was getting late, and it didn’t look as if sunset was going to be worthwhile. Walking back to our vehicle, I ran into one of my favorite photographers and artists, Marc Adamus. We exchanged words for a few minutes as he was with a workshop of his. It’s always great meeting people who have inspired me over the years, and his work has been perhaps the biggest inspiration to me since I began taking photos. It was just another incredible day of unknowns in this remarkable and beautiful landscape.

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