New on 500px : In My Ears & In My Eyes by TheNarratographer by TheNarratographer

Sometimes, I absolutely love panoramic photography. If you can get your head (or eyes) around the obvious distortion and the capturing of a scene so unlike we can ever see in real life, you really are able to record something unique. What I love about this format the most, is the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ going on in the scene. Shooting with a 5Dsr, I am capturing close to 100mp when I finally stitch all of the images together, and shooting wider than I could ever achieve with a single image.

As I approached Lyme Regis, the sun that had been with me for the majority of the journey melted into mist and by the time I arrived, the entire little seaside town was bathed in fog. I had never before seen Lyme Regis and it had an eerie, still-life quality to it. Everything was silent, even the seagulls; and although people milled around by the harbour and on the cobb, no one seemed to make a sound. The weather didn’t really lend itself to capturing anything amazing, by the time your eyes stretched 100 yards into the distance, whatever should have been there was invisible behind a curtain of fog. This was going to be difficult.

So I decided on some long exposure, panoramic photography. I thought if I could get into the right position, I could capture everything, in a single image. It was going to look weird, of that I was certain, but no single scene cut from this gigantic image looked worthy of the time it would take to capture. So, I thought I’d get everything all at once.

As I set up on the very far edge of Lyme Regis cob, I noticed that the setting sun had started to bleed into the low-cloud and mist. The red sky that I had seen on my journey here had began to turn the mist a salmon pink and as my eyes scanned the entire scene I was about to capture, there were oranges, and pinks and blues and greens in the sky. There is so much going on in this image, with at least 7 people that I can count. There is a man having his photo taken, though he photographer disappeared during the 20 second exposure. There are two people on the end of the cob, a woman taken a snapshot over by the boat hut and a couple walking down near the houses in the far distance. On the original 15,000px wide image, you can see all of this. It is like a photographic Penny Lane, with all this happening at once, within a single image.

It took 8 overlapping exposures to get it all, and the distortion would scratch at the views eyes; but hopefully, the sheer amount of detail and the beautiful colours would make up for that. I hope they did.

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