New on 500px : The Torn, Morning Clouds by TheNarratographer by TheNarratographer

Having been on top of West Hill at Corfe at least twenty times, yesterday morning I finally found it bathed in beautiful mist. I wasn’t the only one there mind you, there was a clutch of other photographers all glued to a single spot half way up the hill. Not sure if this was due to most of them not having the lungs to get to the top or whether Corfe, like Durdle Door, has a single composition that absolutely everyone wants to get. On that note, I have never understood why photographers do that. They literally go to a certain place and take a plethora of images from exactly the same location, they never move. At Durdle Door you will always see photographers lined up along the beach, all pointing their cameras at the Door. They never move. Do these people not realise that there are so many more views to be had? It seems that it is no different at Corfe.

Anyway, I started off about two-thirds of the way up the hill, surrounded by foliage and as the mist began to clear; I started to take shots. I promise you that when the mist rolls in like this, there is no better place in England to capture it. Corfe is transformed from a relatively boring scene into something magical. Never before have I seen a place look so different from moment to moment, with the mist sweeping around the old castle and making it look as it probably did not long after it was built, almost a thousand years ago. So I decided to move around, seeing what better compositions were available in this beautiful fog. The sun hadn’t come up yet as it was still before 6am, but as the soft glow of an impending sun started to make its way above the horizon, the mist started to glimmer. Streaks of shadow cut across the landscape and the haze was illuminated before me. By the time the sun was up fully, I was right over the other side of West Hill, looking back through the bushes towards the castle. For me, this gives the scene a more immediate feeling, as if you are actually there. So many views become a little cliched and it is important that as photographers, we try and show places how they have never been shown before. That was my intention anyway.

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