New on 500px : The return by JoseMoreira1 by JoseMoreira1

A group of six photographers. We arrive near the spot, at 19h30, the day before.
4 bottles of wine, ham, cheese, bread, baking, plenty of water, cream, bean cake, coffee, sleeping bags, .. and of course, tons of photographic equipment.
It takes 1 hour to go down to meet the lagoon through a rail (without rail), climbing rocks,vegetation and streams.
Arriving, we were welcomed by a committee .. All mosquitoes and gnats are waiting for us.
Night fell, and the full moon filled in the place with light.
With all the space on our own (and the mosquitoes), we set up the first camp that served as a kitchen and dining room, where the smell of roast smoked sausage soon was felt ..
After a few photos, we set up the second camp, where some went to sleep. Sleepers and frogs sang a night sonnet.
Morning came and the conditions were created to do the photo that we sought. The magic appears gently in front of our eyes.
One hour of fantastic colors, reflected in a calm water surface.
Goal achieved.
The return. Well, the return was painful.
One hour and a half to climb .. the equivalent of 70 floors building, in a distance of 2 kms.
Two days after I’m still happy with the photos I got ……. but my body keeps all the pain.

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