New on 500px : Resonance by Phototamer by Phototamer

This was shot at “sea caves” at “Ayia Napa”. I uploaded a very similar image … “moment of truth” … and this was taken a few minutes later with a different setting. the camera was very low to the ground and the 14-24 was set to 17mm. By making the horizon to appear lower and the figure larger , makes the human element prominent and sets a different mood. The previous one is 12 frames before that. Getting there with all the gear was the hardest part , while taking the picture was the easiest 🙂 “Sea Caves” is a rock formation with numerous caves and usually not accessible from the surface. That day the sea was calm so I managed to get down and take the shot. Since the sky was almost clear I decided to make this a selfie so as to add interest 🙂 A single RAW file and an almost SOOC image , no cropping , leveling , vignetting or manipulation whatsoever except sharpening. So no processing details except some exif info …
Nikon D800 with Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 set @ 17mm , fitted with Nisi filter holder , Nisi 10 stop ND plus Nisi 3 stop soft ND grad. Exposure 60,0 sec; f/9; ISO 400 … imported into light-room , passed to Photoshop , for sharpening and JPEG export.—– must be seen on black background —-

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