New on 500px : And The Sun Did Surely Die by TheNarratographer by TheNarratographer

I have come to realise that all Eastern Europeans are crazy :). And I mean that as a huge compliment. Whilst spending an hour down at Pulpit Rock, I was joined by a photographer from that part of the world who simply wasn’t content with the shot I managed to get and decided to climb down into the sea and get some shots from really low down. In the end, it cost him his Big Stopper. No, that is not a euphemism, it is the nickname for a 10-stop Lee Filter. Anyway, I think his name was Eric, the wind was so strong and loud that I could barely hear what he was saying. But I was jealous that he had managed to climb down the rock face and that he was brave enough to stand practically in the sea whilst taking his images. I thought I was a risk taker when it came to getting in the right place for the shot, standing on crumbling ledges and on the edges of cliffs – but ‘Eric’ took the word crazy to an entirely new level :).

I left before he did…I hope he managed to climb back up ok!

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