New on 500px : Sunset in Stone by Pcoskun by Pcoskun

A sandstone arch appears in what seems like the middle of nowhere in the Southern Utah desert. With no trail to lead you to this place, one needs a good sense of direction. It’s quite easy to get lost out here. It’s miles and miles of flat desert surrounded by a long ridge on one side, and numerous canyons on the other. Oh, and it is quite a drive on some relatively bumpy dirt roads. After doing a little research on the location, I decided to try my luck and see if I could make an image from here that I enjoyed. My first attempt I had no luck and blue bird skies. I had gone again with a friend and we ventured out into the sandy desert and made our way to the arch. The sky looked promising. The light was already fantastic by the time we arrived. Closer to sunset, many of the clouds seemed to have thinned out, and it appeared as if the horizon was going to be blocked by cloud cover. Fortunately, this was short lived, and for a few minutes we were able to enjoy beautiful red and pink sunset light over the sandstone rock. Framed within the arch is Navajo mountain, which dominates the skyline from many areas from here all the way to Page in Arizona. I was a bit dismayed however to find etchings in the rock under the arch (not the Native American kind either). It’s crazy to think that places such as this, with no official trail are still subject to such vandalism. Please, for the sake of nature, refrain from etching, painting, or drawing anything into a rock or tree or anything outside for that matter. Lets try to leave them in the same shape, or better when we visit these incredible places.

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