New on 500px : Aurora Desiertus by johnmumaw by johnmumaw

I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, but I have seen the Southern Lights, and they are just as compelling & mysterious in their own fashion.
I recently had the great pleasure of exploring some remote backcountry slot canyons on the Colorado Plateau with two of my favorite photographers… Willie Huang & David Thompson .
Whether hiking through the 90°-100° desert heat or sliming through mud while climbing & crawling over daunting obstacles in narrow defiles that would make lesser men weep, the Willie & Dave show handled the challenges with fortitude & humor.
I’m proud to call them both true desert rats & friends.
A tip o’ the hat to Willie for spotting this one and kindly letting me know about it.
3 images blended for optimum DOF.

via 500px


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